Rapid Response is GSBA's weekly webinar throughout the COVID-19 outbreak to provide expert support on issues such as business operations, financial health, technical support for working from home, personal health and wellness, and more.

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UPCOMING webinar


OutRight Action International is a 30-year old nonprofit dedicated to the human rights and equality of LGBTIQ people around the world. For the next installment of GSBA's signature webinar series, OutRight Action International will join us to share how the COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately impacted LGBTIQ communities around the globe.

OutRight Action International's Sr. Research Advisor, Amie Bishop and West Coast Director Katie Hultquist will share OutRight's new research collected from 60 in-depth interviews with LGBTIQ activists in 35 countries, documenting the experiences LGBTIQ people in the face of the pandemic. The data and stories paint an alarming picture of the specific vulnerabilities and hardships queer people are facing, along with an inspiring snapshot of the resilience and determination with which LGBTIQ communities are taking care of each other.

Katie Hultquist will also share how the COVID-19 Global LGBTIQ Emergency Fund they launched will support grassroots LGBTIQ organizations providing food, medicine, shelter, and more to the most marginalized and vulnerable in our global community. 


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