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Meet Your Scholars, Hear Their Stories

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Hear their dreams for the future and how your support has made a difference in their lives.

GSBA Scholarship Impact
Since 1991, the Fund has invested over
$5 million in LGBTQ & allied students.

490 scholars
(60 current & 430 alumni)

81% of GSBA Scholars have graduated
(compared to 60% nationally)

91% of Scholars with 3+ years of
funding have earned a degree

38% of Scholars have obtained
post-graduate degrees
The GSBA Scholarship Fund awards scholarships to LGBTQ and allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and are actively involved in school and community organizations. Founded in 1991, the GSBA Scholarship Fund has awarded over 700 scholarships totaling more than $5 million.
GSBA scholars represent a diverse group of students who have dreams of making our community and the world a better place, and each of them possesses the skills, talents, and dedication to make those dreams a reality.
Investing in tomorrow's leaders is a community effort. We are giving students the gift of education, and they are giving us a future of hope and equality.

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